By seeking change, you've already done such an important piece of the work.  It is hard to be courageous at times, and harder to be vulnerable.  Deepening into self-awareness can be a challenge, however with my support and genuine desire to be on this journey with you, I can help make the path feel a bit more approachable.  In a non-judgmental, safe space I will help you begin to recognize which repetitive patterns are not serving you anymore, and in what areas you would like to make a change.  My approach will compassionately encourage you to look at yourself honestly. I will sit with you in the depth of your pain, and celebrate with you in your times of gratitude.  I will empower you to make positive change in your life and within your relationships.  Therapy is truly an investment in the self and can help you live a more satisfying and rewarding life.


Margaret "Maggie" Clark

Marriage Family Therapist Intern 81189

Supervised by Margie Jamin

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist 34364

Petaluma, CA. Marriage & Family Therapist Intern. Maggie Clark 
Couples. Teens. Adults. Trauma. Pain. Grief. Depression. Anxiety. Healing. Unconditional Support.